Sunday, September 17, 2006

it's beginning to get to me

i want something
that's purer than the water
like we were

it's not there now
ineloquence and anger
are all we have

like saturn's rings
an ice loop around me
too hard to hold

lash out first
at all the things we don't like
or don't understand

and it's beginning to get to me
that i know of the stars and sea
than i do of what's in your head

but i'm back because giving up just seems wrong. not like this anyway.
there has got to be a way to get through and call it a lesson
so much for (the attempt to) up and leave.
song from great friend made my day/week. love! :)
and kudos to the snow patrol cd that has displaced jay chou, for now

though somehow i still want to grab a buncha balloons and get the hell away. far far away. france/greece would be good =p

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