Wednesday, September 20, 2006

pig hunting

serendipitous misreading of the time on my watch - really don't know why i keep seeing the wrong things e.g. toilet signs, 12 instead of 1pm - led to a surprisingly calm yet happifying rest of the day. island creamery, walk back home through the shashasha school, to tan and lose some fat in preparation for after dinner activities. but not before trying some tupperware brand mooncake that came in tupperware. brace yourself; what followed was even more gluttonous. we trooped down to taka for a spot of mooncake sampling/pig hunting, and then some. catch of the day : 12 piglets, 4 durian mooncakes (sorry, they're gone) and 10 paper lanterns :) i am so going back to try the things i missed this time round.

"there is no escape: it seems that everything one does to earn a livelihood, to subsist, or to enjoy life turns out to be illegal, immoral, or fattening, or - most disturbing - possibly carcinogenic."

-- mama robbins, my pathology textbook, in case you were wondering.

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