Saturday, September 23, 2006

have a nice day, season holder

welcome and have a nice day, season holder! :)

"can we wear pe kit??!!!"
and so it was that we went to town dressed like we came from some secret late night training, albeit without the sweat/mud/stench. beancurd city dao huay rocks my socks. it's so smooth that even scooping it up is tricky :) then it was glutton bay's chicken wings to satisfy my after-kingcrab+lambchop+beefsteak-dinner craving and alhambra satay (totally overrated, go buy from cold storage if you really need it) just for the sake of trying. such an appropriate name, glutton's bay is. not last and not least, azuki sundae from haagen daz, which didn't do anything for me, partly because i ate half the cream out of stupidity. then itchy for a sugar rush, our last stop was for prata cafe's milo dinosaur, finished in a hurry after the police came. the 100m dash - in the form of customers, food barely swallowed, racing to their illegally parked cars. haha adventures today. fatness, here i come. perhaps i'll be able to donate blood when lessons resume.

oh btw it's the mid-sem break now. woohoo! :)

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