Sunday, September 24, 2006

super duper eating holiday

the 3 headed monster! (yh's idea of an artistic photo btw)it's always a good day when i don't feel short :)

yesterday's day out with my touch friends was a breath of fresh air. plus it was the first time we've decided so quickly on where to eat, and the first time attendance was so high/not so low =p some people never change, and it's never difficult to love them even though it's been so long :)

the past few days has been one big gigantic stomach expanding adventure. first with the big fat friday night supper, then all subsequent meals were just horribly sinful and followed by ice cream (haagen daz, ben&jerry's at home, gelare, durian ice cream at home, venezia) and/or mooncake. that said, tonight's spontaneous-bean-inspired-aileen-driven- ice-cream-eating outing that ended up at ian's to watch the last part of idol was fun! :)

perhaps next week, i'll have grown too fat to be recognisable.

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