Wednesday, September 27, 2006

hold-hands-with-everyone day :)

yesterday i lost ian in my house >.<
now i know where to find lost friends - the floor.

hoho got to hold hands with everybuddy! :)
arms aching from all the flailing and pole hugging.
i repeat, hugging, not dancing. photo below should explain.

hm, i may not have gone overseas, or spent every minute of every day having vigorous photowhorable fun. but this week has been considered quite successful because i think slacking and quiet conversation is something to be enjoyed now, both alone and in good company. yay, three cheers to bumming and my loves!

off to watch jtmd! hh!
(according to zj abbreviations are the in thing now. hh = haha)

addendum @ 1930 - jtmd! is quite funny. thanks w! :)
and, looking forward to bj tmr!!

ps. eh this is quite fun! only ppl who are in the loop will know what all the abbreviations stand for. hh! okay whatever. bye.

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