Sunday, October 01, 2006

it's all good

disjointed thoughts, bear with me, but it's all good :)

really good fries from bj's
on the day of our secret buy-present outing
good news good health good food :)
i don't even feel so sad that monday's almost here!*

magic shows, many birthday cakes and more spicegirls songs.
happy birthday to suriya-mrfit-tan/prakaash!

but i am starting to get blue cos yunlei is gone! :(
*okay i lied. despite my 22 episodes of gilmoR girls, 23 scrubs, 3 houses, 5 prisonbreaks, it's still OFIM :((
i wish i had read more (both story and text)books the last week

math, memory and sleight of hand. is that all magic tricks mean to you? i want magic to happen, have my breath taken away and be swept off on a flying carpet ride around greece or somewhere exotic and not figure out that it was some optical illusion. where's the use in logicking the miracle out of things, what if your entire faith crumbles to bits - perhaps i'm not strong enough a believer.

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