Monday, October 02, 2006

post-its are my friends

it seems the trip to europe has affected me way more than i imagined.

after witnessing and eventually participating in the massive use of blue post-its to write short notes and leave reminders for yourself/others, make lots of lists on a daily basis, and for sketching random things like king luke, monstrous looking hamster and jimmy the earthworm :) i've developed a liking, or rather obsession, for these reversibly adhesive little squares/rectangles of paper.

and seeing as i have an endless supply of post-its (as well as rough paper, pens, files, pillows etc) from various pharmaceutical companies, i thought i'd not let them go to waste. so the nus organiser we fought the crowds and queued for ages for has been replaced in favour of innocuous pieces of sticky paper surrounding my laptop and a stack in every school bag i have. they amuse, and are as permanent as you wish it to be, which is completely in sync with my current lifestyle and desire (not) to commit to anything eg. study plans :p

the adhesive edge/side is very handy when it comes to killing ants, as well as picking them up after i've killed them *evil murderous laughter* and for cleaning up eraser dust after vigorous sudoku-ing. (speaking of which, someone needs to help me quit sudoku.) they are excellent for marking out certain pages/objects and ooh, the smaller ones also make brilliant bookmarks! so you see, post-its come in all shapes and sizes (squares, rectangles, blue diamonds, milk bottles, femurs etc) are multi-purpose, easy to use and free for me. wow! fantastic product don't you think. whoever invented it must be very gleeful now! :D

okay let me do some research. spencer silver, a researcher in 3M accidentally invented it in 1968 while trying to make a stronger adhesive. ah i must be bored and slightly mad to talk so passionately about post-its. sheesh. urgh and i hate monday/s, which is here already. crap. even though i end at 1030am and will end up being hated by the poor people who end at 5pm.

goodnight all.

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