Sunday, October 08, 2006

mooncake appreciation festival

a night of crazy snap, mooncake sampling but alas no tea and moon to appreciate. and i'm sure zhenjin enjoyed talking cock at my place too ;)

even the haze couldn't stop us! okay so it was my grandma who looked kinda sad that no one was carrying any lanterns around the house, that led to us to venture outside where the smokey night air was exacerbated by us getting high playing with sparklers and ti-ing deng long to chinese high and back.

we met this cute boy along the way and couldn't resist giving him a lantern in return for a few photos =)
please take note of hon's new best made-of-paper friend.
rou an (not unexpectedly) ruined her lantern - such an understatement. she was also holding on to all the unlit sparklers.
and took ages to let go of the ball of flame. well done!

not gonna post ghostly photos!! read other people's blogs for more details. tgif! =)

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