Monday, October 09, 2006

be careful about reading health books.

//you may die of a misprint. haha! =p

new cable channels! hoho, starhub is killing me - csi on FoxCrime (channel 86) every 6 hours. wow! have you ever watched season 1? that's what i'm watching now. it looks less coolio and the stories aren't so bizarre (as yet) but still interesting and it's kinda cool that grissom and sidle actually did start off the season with a bit of a history :) now if only they'd play grey's anatomy all day. pretty please?

rachael yamagata's i wish you love is playing on repeat in my head and on itunes. (just after i told someone i wouldn't get addicted to things so easily, yeah right who was i kidding) so tempted to buy her cd but i'm too stingy to buy it till my dad comes along with his thatcdshop discount card, and i'm saving money out of guilt, and to pay for birthday presents! *coughcough*

also, picking up storybooks to read again. escapist and solitary as it may be. (read: anti-social. haha!! pun not intended :) for the 60 more years i'm expected to live - because i went for cofm and learnt that life expectancy for females is roughly 80 - and assuming i keep a steady rate of 2 books per month; not a lot to ask especially if there are a million books waiting to be devoured, i can read 1440 books from now till i die (if i don't carry on with my extended nap). ohno that's too few! bleah =/

hm now the big dilemma, to read or to watch tv!

to be honest i'm writing about this only so i can use the picture!

with all this it doesn't sound like i'm studying at all, but slowly, i guess. advertising for a really good nagger/study-motivator. help!

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