Monday, October 16, 2006

little miss sunshine, or not

let me blog before OFIM sinks in, before the drudgery gets to me again, and i don't feel like talking or writing forevermore. ironic how i'm going to be talking about little miss sunshine when it's so hazy and the days are so dull and f*cked up.

should i even have bothered censoring that. okay, yes i watched the movie last tuesday i think. and i just realised that one of the songs is similar/the same as the one used in the life aquatic with steve zissou (which is another funky show)

it's pretty rare nowadays to find a good show that doesn't involve sex or special effects. but this movie, in all its naturalness, with its nice enough soundtrack, totally rocked my socks :) it's hilarious and endearing at the same time, as olive and her atrociously fractured family endures a long and arduous journey to california so she can enter a pageant she'd probably not win.

the wonderful thing about this movie is that when you finally get to the touching scenes, the actors don't have to do much because the storyline is just that good. speaking of which, the acting was truly omg-like - paul dano (who plays olive's brother) is fantastic even without much speaking parts cos of his vow of silence and abigail breslin (who's in episode 3 of season 3 of grey's too) that little girl's performance is oscar worthy! don't think i've laughed so hard while tearing before. nothing is forced, unlike many of the bigbig hollywood films and the movie very much character-driven and manages to deal with themes like perception of beauty, chasing your dreams and success in life blahblah. despite my wallet now being completely barren, i think i got more than my $7's worth of entertainment; the family stuck together till the very end and every single bit of the movie was purpose-ful. even the rather bleak beginning ended so heartwarmingly. that, is what i call inspiring.

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