Monday, October 23, 2006

on wings of song karaoke concert

yes, ladies and gentlemen, i attended a karaoke concert. considering i've only been to kbox once in my life, i think i really didn't know what i was getting myself into when i told my grandma i wanted to see her perform.

so my dad and i bought her a rose and arrived early as instructed, because she was singing the first song. when i saw the crowd i knew that this was going to be a chinese karaoke concert. when i saw the programme i knew that this was going to be a long chinese karaoke concert. when i sat down in front of a row of really chatty aunties i knew that this was going to be a long but entertaining chinese karaoke concert. when i saw an old man who came out to sing solo but who sang with his back to us, i seriously just burst out laughing and didn't stop giggling since then. in a while my dad was also desperately trying to not cry from all that laughing.

music wise, for an amateur group the performances weren't bad! you've gotta hand it to them, to perform on stage is not a small thing. even so, my ears were vigorously assailed by the much-too-loud sound system, probably because 90% of the audience are senior citizens, but the guest singer was good and my grandma - not the one who made my friends carry lanterns around the house during maf - is so cute! she was nervous but still did a fantastic job. and after all that she was asking whether she looked old among the rest of the choir (no one was below 60 i bet so it wasn't a very difficult question to answer) and, i also had a funny sms conversation with my mum during the non-grandma-singing bits. so all in all, a really fun outing with my dad. and my grandma rocks my socks! :)

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