Tuesday, October 24, 2006

save our souls! and toes.

hey, does anyone know where i can find chair feet/toes, if that's even what they're called. if i remember correctly they are shaped like shoes/feet, come in the christmassy colours of green and red, are fuzzy, styrofoamy and have a hole in the middle so they can be put at the base of the feet of chairs/anything with legs.

see, for the sake of not being proved wrong by jiawei, who laughed at me!! and thinks there's absolutely no way to reduce or better yet prevent post-midnight-hunger-induced-food-scrummaging-toe-stubbing incidences - save my/our toes! say no to furniture assault! - i am thus determined to get a hold of these elusive magical cushiony protective objects. so, help!

last resort will be to wear really thick socks. but that'll just increase falling-down-staircase frequency.

okay, whatever, end of ramble.

p.s. reminder to self: Never. Drink. Coffee.

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