Saturday, October 28, 2006

two tickets to paradise please

maybe i'm getting too old to blog...
there's nothing much to say anymore, feeling so jaded and sian-ed out.
oh no, quarter-life crisis! =p

i was going to stop there and just give up on this blog, but then bobbs said hi and we got to talking, and my brain started working again. it's always fun with bobbs and buns. yes, and l*ins too ;)

inspired also by this fantastic photo that's been my wallpaper for weeks now. imagine sipping something sunny, reading a book (it has to NOT be a textbook of course) or talking cock with someone you love sitting at the edge making ripples in the cool water with our toes, and breathing out all your worries and fears, breathing in the salty, unhazy air :D

so, maldives is my dream destination! don't copy me ar! haha =p
mission : to go there before i'm 30, if i live that long.

it used to be tibet for the colour and culture, or switzerland for its scenery and to make up for the incomplete trip i had a few years back, or paris for its romanticity, or italy for the pasta, ruins and cute guys. hmm, or amsterdam, for the drugs haha =p

but i've been informed that it's not cheap. maldives, i mean.
and obviously i've no one special (yet) to go with

yes i've decided that this isn't a place to go with just friends even though i'm so tempted to just gather everyone. come on, let's go!! no regrets!
but no. some things are worth the wait i feel.

so, i just have to be patient (haha be doctor, and earn money also can. argh sorry bad sense of humour today), perhaps be pro-active, or just pray very hard >.<

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