Monday, October 30, 2006

have you EVER smoked? do you drink alcohol? do you eat at least 2 servings of vegetables every day?

public health screening left the bunch of us totally exhausted, and certainly with some interesting experiences. no photos though =/

me: hey jianhong, jianhong, jianhong, jianhong! jianhong! [pause to think, then panic a bit] wait, is your name jianhong?
jianhong: yes.

(oh no i hope i haven't got his name wrong this time)

goodfriend trying out his chinese: auntie, ni you mei you errrr... smoke?

goodfriend1: hey is that girl a h.o?
goodfriend2: huh where, which girl is chio? ;)

back to studying, owy rocks my socks!
i wish all lectures were that quiet. and helpful!

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