Friday, November 24, 2006

6am on a friday morning and i'm trying to mug

the title says everything doesn't it. Trying being the operative word, since i'm really not anywhere near damn robbins/katzung. been so unmotivated since micro b ended, help!! okay i'm going to school to try and mug.

hm. i didn't realise that when i think of studying i always say Try studying. always an attempt. argh emilyyyyy, wake up you idiot!! i believe this is the first time i've addressed myself here. sheesh.

this just makes me want to buy more threadless (and pay sauyee)
ooh, and watch happy feet!! :)

anyway yesterday was red day, where everyone wore red, on purpose or not, to surprise the clueless bean. happy birthday beans! may you be happy and have lotsa southpark to watch =p

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