Sunday, November 26, 2006

at least they're not lonely

people in love, their hearts get eaten

perhaps it's just psychological, or just me, but when i sit in someone's car for the first time and feel safe, it reflects well on how much you trust him/her :) gosh, that should explain why my mum still hangs on to the door handle for dear life whenever i so much as start the car engine.

oh man this takes the cake. i decided to not be greedy (and fat) and let david finish off the tub of ben and jerry's and after nagging him to not throw away the spoon when he was done, guess what, drumroll please, he threw the spoon into the dustbin!! my favourite teaspoon! haha don't ask why i eat ice cream with a tea spoon, probably cos it was just the one which i happened to grab in the dark of the kitchen.

and my parents just came back from what they called the "disco" which is actually st james' power house. i hear it's been converted into a "very noisy place with crazy young kids dressed inappropriately queuing to get in" my mum showed me this wrist band they put on her, and where they stamped her with ink that can only be seen under a certain light. haha, somehow i skipped the clubbing phase of life, so my parents are making up for me.

and that's all i have to say today, after my 14 glorious hours of sleep :)

i have all these nice pictures of people in love, especially pairs-of-feet pictures, and no genuine occasion to use them, except if i'm blogging about how much i want to be them. sadness!!

why should i be sane without you

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