Sunday, November 19, 2006

all teenagers scare the living shit outta me

gonna clean up your looks
with all the lies in the books
to make a citizen out of you
because they sleep with a gun
and keep an eye on you, son
so they can watch all the things you do

because the drugs never work
they gonna give you smirk
cos they got methods of keeping you clean
they gonna rip up your heads
your aspirations to shreds
another cog in the murder machine

they say
all teenagers scare
the living shit outta me
they could care less
as long as someone'll bleed
so darken your clothes
or strike a violent pose
maybe they'll leave you alone
but not me

the boys and girls in a clique
the awful names that they stick
you're never gonna fit in much, kid
but if you're troubled and hurt
what you got under your shirt
will make them pay for things that they did

kudos to rou an for this mother addictive song - on repeat for me to mindlessly shout along while i attempt to organise my room. maybe i'm just lucky to not have gotten an awful nickname =p

lack of motivation.
to study.
help!! =((

cafe iguana
has nice food!

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