Sunday, November 12, 2006


no not DoTA, HOTA.

because i'm an old woman and am going to turn 21 in a few months (ARGHHH, shit!!) i received a letter asking me to pledge my organs, for transplant/treatment or education/research purposes, or both. funny how they also kinda blackmailed me into saying yes by stating that if i objected, i'd be given lower priority on the transplant waiting list if i ever needed one. but i think it makes good sense, and good karma =p

interesting. wonder if i'll be pissed, from heaven or hell or wherever, if i see pesky medstudents poke at my organs, or shake pots for goodness knows what reason, or well, all the other strange things that people do to the poor cadavers.

interesting. because zhenjin's latest blog entry is about hota too. so we all know how real this is, it's no joke, the difference between life and death. between being alive, and not being. youth doesn't make it too far away to imagine, youth doesn't make it intangible, youth doesn't make it impossible, youth doesn't even make it improbable.

but i already knew that.

the thing is, can i have mr perfecthair as my doctor =)

no on second thought, i really don't want him to see my dead body and fatty organs. can i have him as my boyfriend instead haha =p

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