Saturday, November 11, 2006

tan xiao hong

belated but whatever. guess who's here!
no matter what joellimkianboon says about it, it's mine and i love it.
i think it has to be a female - too wussy and cute to be male.
the view from my room just got better :)

haha i've even labelled it :)
if you can spot it, that is.

no one rides till jiawei does - after all, he was my ride for most of m1.
didn't mean to be a bitch, okay?

yesterday was vivocity (what's new, it was like some medicine gathering) where the food is good and the place is... humongous. rose and accomplice got away with a poohbear, then we watched the prestige, which is quite good! although if it weren't for the magic, i wouldn't be so enthralled. traumatic-going-home-time with suriya, getting fed up with public transport and the rain and pushy people. bleah. not a good way to end the already irritating day.

thankfully, today was cheerful, after 11 hours of sleep, a spot of grey's anatomy and a good lunch, driving around singapore/bukit timah in the rain with my very own windscreen wiper switch-on-er. so much for the tour-all-the-important-places plan =p


Ou yang, Chicken EATER! *rarrs!* said...

hey! i was at vivo city yesterday too! :)

pity we didn't run into each other. quite alot of other meddies were there too. :)

emily~* said...

hello! the place is too big la =p