Wednesday, November 08, 2006

accomplishmentful day

fishmonger recommended salmon sashimi
plus, chasoba tempura macha ice cream azuki
eating truckloads of japanese food does not make me/people feel fat!!
good food and good company, the most pampered i've felt in ages :)
indeed, old friends are the best kind of friends!
accomplishmentful day, no photographs necessary.
just remember you owe me a million bucks haha =p

ps. help! remember in j1 (that means in the first 3 months of 2003), i went to watch this totally unscary scary jap movie that required red and blue glasses, that they handed out before the movie started? sounds ridiculous haha but can anyone remember it? what on earth is the name of that movie?! it's been on my mind since gabriel brought it up and i can't concentrate on micro b (hahaha) because of that. help!

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