Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hemisection of spinal cord - brown-sequard syndrome

happy ord! to the happy pink-ic-people who've ord-ed that is :)

oh, and i apologise for the title, it's just cos this post is about random things and doesn't deserve a well thought of, or relevant, title =p

the supposedly easiest 2 down, 4 more to go. bah. today ai (very rightly) said that studying will always be part of our lives *cringe in horror* so i guess i should get used to this. is it just me, or do you feel very unprepared for what lies ahead?

if you're offended by the last post, perhaps you've got a guilty conscience. my friends (good, great, best) should! know who they are. if you feel it's struck a cord, then it's good to know that at least you're not alone. right, ironic.

something pleasant to look at when you least expect it to pop up, is surprisingly pleasant. even though this has resulted in ai concluding that i have bad taste haha. boooooo =/

saturday. instead of playhouse i went for openhouse@ilai's - very pedas cuttlefish sambal, but then again if it isn't pedas it isn't sambal. and the many home made biscuits and cookies. such great comfort food. thanks ili! for some reason i'm very pleased with how her mum recognised me even though i've only been there once before =p

but this week, social life standstill! the most contact i've had today was with fellow red-tapioca-chip-from-vending-machine-fan zhenjin, eating up a hell lot of mints and falling sleeping on our notes in the library. "henrietta is a person??" green* monkey kidneys and white suckling mice and "are you a sinker or a floater?" (kelven says he's going to try. go figure!)

*seriously i don't know where that came from; i bet it's fictional so, please for your own sake, do not for a moment think that you could use this blog as a reference for micro b studying.

i really like this picture. just for fun, and since the issue of vicious gossip isn't really an issue anymore so it's okay to have a laugh at it.

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