Saturday, December 09, 2006

be kind to animals

omg puppies :)

my fingers were nibbled on like crazy and licked to death, while someone's slipper (one only, fortunately) got stolen by a naughty dog despite the glaringly big NO ENTRY sign hung on the gate. and hon, and all of us too la, fell in love with a curly haired furball.

awwwww-so-cute-ness overload at S.P.C.A. with hons and rous. it's a wonder how people can abandon their pets, or just stop loving them. nonetheless it was uplifting to see people streaming in - clearly this is THE place to be on a saturday morning. what a lovely morning, with the perfect beginning. which was *drumroll* french toast, finally after dreaming about it for the past week haha, and chicken porridge at loykee. haha my friends make my dreams come true =p loSTa love, babes.

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