Wednesday, December 06, 2006

emily's family holi-day

the view from my room
see the standard chartered tentsmy dad is the best!! :)
i think it was the knowledge that anything we bought could be just dropped off in the hotel room that made our shopping spree so successful. and their breakfast was more like breakfast, lunch and dinner put together, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end (or risk having to pay more money) and i'm back in my smelly house with half of everyone's furniture still in my suddenly very tiny room.

*haha sheesh i wrote half of this on sunday and forgot all about it, but it's wednesday now and the above paragraph still holds true. urgh smelly house!! =(

on to more recent things.

1. some members of my family can be the funniest and the most infuriating.

"i think, if i can't buy anything by the end of tonight, i'll just kill you la."
"hey, you shouldn't drive in the night for the next 6 months"

patience is a virtue and i need it, sorely, desperately.

2. the places you can drive to to have good food
devonshire cream tea @ foster's cafe - omg scones and tea :)
roti prata at casuarina, roti prata at southbuonavista - omg prata = fat.

3. end of school restlessness
every lecture is a torture, every day that i can't bring myself to study cos it's almost the hols, is one day closer to the CAs on the first day of school, and every night is just another night alone (as opposed to out with friends at bedok block 85's bak chor mee stall) luckily, or not, school's out on friday :)

4. surprisingly i don't feel too sad about being single all the time! out of point but who cares =p

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