Saturday, December 02, 2006

we are all in love with french toast

apparently my face is, though fat and round and whatever, too small for cool shades, damn. will i look ridiculous wearing a cap while driving? yes, i think so.

anyway, glad to report that most things (except i want to go to europe to see my nice friends) are looking up, because school officially ends in a week, because nothing in particular sucks and i've long since learnt to accept that medicine is tough and i'm not smart so it's wiser to have low expectations for the sake of lessening the heartbreak, and that Everything will fall into place sooner or later, and because maybe tomorrow morning i'll get to eat french toast, which i've been craving for for a few days already. rou an it's your fault btw =p

and today i move to a hotel for a day while the floors in my house (excluding my room, sheesh) are being varnished, and as part of my family's fun-in-lieu-of-a-proper-holiday activities. let's hope the weather's good and the swimming pool is gorgeous and they really serve french toast. haha btw it really isn't my favourite food or anything, just a major craving for that, ooh and pancakes! oh no :/

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