Thursday, December 21, 2006

captain planet goes to botanic gardens

for the 12 hours that passed too quickly, dark clouds held up and the glorious sun came out to play. so did 7 captain planeteers, after much persuasion and dogged determination on the kenrick and the siva and the emily's part to drag dedrick away from his dunnowhat game, and his grand plans for a wintery christmassy day :)

first, supplies. fueled by fongseng prata, siva and i picked up kenrick, and kenrick picked up his famous muffins. then it was off for a Very Fast Sandwich Making session, where again this kenrick (tsktsk, just cos he never grows fat) tried to clog our arteries with Mother Lots Of Mayo and Seafood Sauce.

next, the picnic. the food, mats and toys (mechanical helicopter, soccer ball and fake frisbee) in tow, we traipsed down the rather artificial footpath and settled down in the nearest shade we found - haha, irony is sitting in the dark when you've waited a million years for it to stop pouring. the girls ATTACKED the muffins (banana-nut, blueberry, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip... is that all?) while kenrick ate the roasted chicken and the rest of the guys tried to exercise a bit. not to forget, the singing and dancing boys. armed with joel's handphone, set on repeat to jay chou's qian li zhi wai... i'll let the photos do the talking. so we ended up photowhoring and dying from thirst cos, no one thought to bring drinks =p

so, it was back to dedrick's for drinks - hot chocolate and marshmallows as he originally planned - and a long, non-profit poker game. i was winning at first okayy, but decided to save my luck for when real money's being played =) yay fake winnings and fun in the sun (where there's kenrick there's sun! whose name is mentioned in every single paragraph!!) see peektures below.
boys with their toys. helicopter, which we used as a fan later
beauty lies in the eye/sunglasses of the beholder/siva
we had sooo much fun, can't you tell? =)
such multi-talented friendswatch joel jump in joy, sorta.
good try at jumping like joel jumping shot. this really makes me happy :)yay! :)
fit everyone in after MANY tries =p well done, kenrick

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