Sunday, December 24, 2006

glass walls

sometimes you think: wow finally something, a carrot on a stick, let me run and catch it, but instead you're hurtling toward a glass wall, and you break your nose. deviated septum. hm, wonder if i could use that chance to go for plastic surgery to do something about my fugly nose, and everything else. by the way, only the first sentence was more relevant haha. someone's put me in a glass house, to protect me, keep me safe. but. no. no, thank you.

then you decide that being angry will just give you high blood pressure, and an increased risk of heart disease and all things bad. so calm down, sleep it off. but when you wake up, you realise that nothing will ever change and you've just been kowtowing to that glass wall, which has no regard of your feelings and future happiness. obviously, you stupid person. which glass wall has eyes, or a heart?

so what if you cursecryscream, who can hear you beyond the glass room and who cares; it's air tight and sound proof, it lets in neither real hope nor a voice of reason. there are no doors and the only thing you can do is walk in a square (imagine it's a square la, okay) or sit down and stone, or try the hurtling thing again. ow. no one will care either way. ow.

all of us - i'd like to think there is an us, because misery loves company - stuck in our glass boxes, oops i mean houses. smiling and waving and making the best of it, broken nose and all. hi, look how very freaking happy we are, okay bye move along before we start all the cursingcryingscreaming.

escape. live your life through others, books, or try telling the warden (yes there's a warden. while i'm at it, i shall make him a hot topless guy woohoo) you need to use the bathroom. well whatever, there isn't even a door, so nothing works, because nothing is as good as running wherever you want, running until you're out of breath. or at least knowing you have the option to do so if and when you want to. all i need is a little bit*, please. no more false hope, no more doors i can't open, no more car i can't drive, friends i can't go out with. just an option, please.

seriously, what's the point?
there is no christmas spirit in this glass house.

*okay so this is in direct contradiction to my post where i proclaimed i don't want anything else. but, who gives a shit :)


Ou yang, Chicken EATER! *rarrs!* said...

heya! merry christmas. :)

its been a great year...

emily~* said...

hello! merry christmas to you too =)