Saturday, December 30, 2006

gobbling along

this is a public service announcement: hey jo and yun, are you back yet? call me/message me/mail me/msn me!! i miss you!

turkey-ful meals with the ones we love, leftovers desperately being cooked in every way possible. chopped up, sliced, thrown in cream sauce, fried - with chilli, garlic, black pepper. blahblahblah. corrinne may's christmas carols, deafness-causing church bells and peals of laughter bouncing off the walls. driving in the rain, getting lost in the rain, christmas cards from those who matter most, opening christmas hampers/presents and liking everything you got and already have :) thank you.

[it's funny how one day things are fantabulous, and the next you can feel like crap. my blog has been that way recently, alternating between happy and sad. if you write it down, it's in black and white, like life stands still, the past overlaps with the present.order doesn't exist. in the end it's one big jumbled up continuum of shades. no real point, just saying sometimes chronology doesn't matter]

hey baby hey baby christmass, christmassss :) budak pantai and their antics were most entertaining! too bad the nicesideprofile guitarist is married, bet every girl's (especially those on the right side) heart sank when he dedicated a song to his wife :( and kid :(( and even worse, when everything ended way too soon. can't wait for budak jump over the wall :) my (belated) christmas wish is for rockapella to come back and for free tickets! on top of world peace, a cure for aids and cancer and poverty hunger and suffering of course =p

ge'fjeonn gathering was fantastic, macs, pscafe or timbre, over 50cent ice cream, fancy food or beer, tissue paper flowers and rubber band magic tricks. time and location semed not to affect the conversation and jokes. it's nice how the first few people you meet in jc are the ones that stick by you forever. i'm so going back for more steak sandwich :)

well, (practically) no mistletoe moments - hon and i only realised this year what a certain carol meant! hoho! - but it's okay. patience? wish me luck and good timing! and courage?

well then, take care. enjoy the last few days of 2006 and cya next year! i sure hope 2007 kicks 2006's ass :))

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