Wednesday, January 24, 2007

oh happy day!

surrounded by flowers that keep me smiling, well thought of presents and very effort- and meaningful cards that melt my heart everytime i see them - they're actually in The 3stan Box from last year's birthday - and the hilarity of the pseudopod. turning 21 is suddenly a very cool thing, despite marktaylor's "it all goes downhill from there..."

the most sincere thank you to everyone who sent their love and well wishes, from singapore or otherwise :) a few photos found here

courtesy of the lovely ilai! it's really all i need, a card and a bottle of happiness =)

but of course, my good friends (20 of them!) had to gimme something other than cards. introducing the pseudopod nano - made of paper, ink and glue, but able to hold 4GB of songs. and if you're lucky like me, you get to exchange it for the real deal when it arrives in singapore.

*the tag reads: PSEUDOPOD NANO
- Ipod Nano Redemption Voucher
- Good for one-time use only
- Bearer-of-voucher may exchange for a Limited Edition RED Ipod Nano
- Bearer-of-voucher must pretend to be happy upon receiving the voucher (please?)

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