Saturday, January 27, 2007

i feel like going home

yo la tengo sings good songs :)

if you can read a magazine, fold paper aeroplanes with the notes you just took, have time to sleep, clear your handphone messages, tinker with mp3 players etc, it's a sign that the lecture is too long. who wants to come and tell me that the last 3-hour-long lecture wasn't really the pits. even with otah at ghim moh, hands down the worst freaking school day ever.

a few photos. i think maybe, perhaps, my favourite colour is red =p

flowers from my angel!

handmade by alvin tan kahheng

bean in the beanbag!! losta love :)

the cards are damn happifying la

ipod nano VS pseudopod nano. i'll be diplomatic, both are winners.

and yay, i love my family :)

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