Monday, January 29, 2007

bleah whatever argh

chen: "hey, what's LTR?"
ningyan, without batting an eyelid: "long term relationship!"
guess what, i found out what LTR actually is, but ningyan's answer is the one that stuck =p

besides that, the highlight of my day was looking at puppies at holland v, after a scrumptious bowl of katong laksa, and right before heavenly (and free!) waffles and vanilla bean ice cream.

"sacrificed" running to watch the australian open. federer rocks!
he reminds me of those greek gods with the gorgeous curly hair :)

as i put the last square of my "ferrero roche" cake - it's a big square mind you - into a container to share with the people in lt28, i wished i could fly it (and myself) to london. first class please, since i'm wishing things. sunny gerberas and the lone rose are amazingly still alive, still fragrant, and happifying as can be. and my fish is in blue water because it got fin rot, from ever irritating bacteria. i think it's caused by pseudomonas fluorescens or something equally foul sounding. life moves on, even though all my blog entries have been, are, and will be likely be about all the 21st birthdays this year.

omg all i've been talking about is what i had for lunch, what i saw on tv and what happened in school. no original thoughts. well done. ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the boring-once-again-blog.

hey whatever happened to Interesting Blogs? the dearth of entries is a sure sign of unexcitement in our lives, save for the gripes about school and how boring it is. how about unabashed bitching or gossiping? the world is far too interconnected for that to occur without severe and very often unpredictable consequences, especially in such a public arena. even photos fail to inject any colour into the grey. SIANS. my aim is to not be so crabby this week. argh.

okay whatever, here are more residual photos.

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