Wednesday, January 31, 2007

10 things to do when the chuas get home

absolutely loathe moochala's notes, blogging to curb the angst.

1. angmokio crab noodles
2. bedok bak chor mee
3. tapas tree/cafe iguana/something along clarke quay
4. beancurd at rochor road! (beancurd city/the shop next door)
5. jane's cakes
6. ikea meatballs and shopping
7. katong laksa!
8. turtle soup/frog leg porridge if daring
9. haato haaaaato
10. vivocity (food > shopping)

zoom zoom and january's over! 31 days and all i've got to show for it is... plenty of presents :) and a huge pile of notes :'(

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