Wednesday, February 07, 2007


and this post promises to be short, irrelevant, uninteresting, disjointed and incomplete because my wrist hurts (ddx? carpal tunnel?) argh.

aimless, floaty, loss-of-words feeling here again. this place is just too public, and my mind too messed and... inarticulate. explains the lack of blogging.

the month of lurrrrve is here, and with only a week of school left, it seems that Time's fast running out. before we get too old to be wanted, before we have to walk our separate paths and operate as individuals instead of whole entities. no more safety in numbers. sorta. before boring clothes, perpetual exhaustion, seriousness. before we get jaded and weary.

but mostly, before you forget me, and i forget you.
if it hasn't already happened.
because, love.

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