Friday, February 23, 2007

blow wind blow (blow for good luck?)

balls to You, for not seeing the bigger picture.

and that's why you/i shouldn't read too many blogs. one day you/i'll find out something that you/i wish you/i didn't know - ignorance might really be bliss. my real point. is that people are really self-centred. in general i mean, not the balls-to-you person. self-righteous, self-seeking, self-serving, self-absorbed, self-indulgent. so many words all basically telling us we're downright selfish. well who isn't. but i'm sure most people with any sense at all would know where to draw the line.

now this is for the balls-to-you person: don't go around analysing the situation and blaming everyone but yourself. if you don't work hard enough, don't blame people for reaping the benefits of their hard work. if you catch a tough break, don't blame the fortunate few who escaped without a scratch, because that's just the way the world works. i hate the airing of dirty laundry and the fact that you can twist good intentions into ulterior motives and unjust accusations. don't take the moral highground here. do you have delusions of grandeur? wake up la. and don't be so humble because you're not so great. so now seriously, balls to you for not seeing the big picture.

speaking of blogs. it's really very cute that a friend (name withheld) mistakenly thought i was angsting in the last entry, over something somewhat indirectly involving him, and was concerned enough to apologise. haha so cute! i've been unexpectedly happified cos of it. hello! we should talk more! but i dunno how that's going to happen. haha. also, someone else (name also withheld) misses talking to you too :)

hey i realised that i have been angsting here quite a bit. and all the 3 readers of this blog must think i'm crazy. but it's the most convenient outlet i guess. there's just a lot of steam to blow off. so sorry! just filling up the empty space since there's nothing happy and exciting to talk about yet. and i'm very sure that whoever all the bad vibes are directed to will never read this. just in case you think it's you, it's not okay :)

okay, i'm done venting! there Will be happier posts soon!

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