Wednesday, February 21, 2007

green tea melon seed gambling

"don't be sorrow (wtf!?) over an unhappy incident. brace yourself"
so says the fortune from (where else) the fortune cookie i ate.

"you will win at the mahjong table"
so says the fortune from abin's cookie.

hm, maybe i will lose to abin later; yes i am bracing myself.
hopefully that's going to be the only sorrow-inducing thing.

without honlyn :(
don't scold me for wearing black,
there are lucky green bamboo things on my blouse!

really dislike being left out (or being included for everything, but that's another story for another day), pangseh-ed, lied to, or talked down to. but i promised to not bring this angst over to kenrick's place so here's where i vent. all my abandonment issues haha. omg wtf arghhhh.

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