Monday, February 19, 2007

a 大肥年 indeed

so the first day is finally over. the mad rush all around singapore, sitting down at every opportunity and stuffing our faces silly even though we're already full, entertaining the cutest little boys, and who can forget. being asked whether i have a boyfriend or not, ten thousand times. (No.) i don't believe i've ever enjoyed the silence and loneliness in my room. until tonight. and my bed! i'm ever thankful for the fact that i'm not related to it and don't have to get a brain-ache just thinking of what to greet him with (my bed's a he). either we're getting older, or all the activities are getting increasingly tiring. didn't have beer - that's like the only thing in the universe i didn't consume today - but a beer belly is sure to come :/

and yes, i like little boys wayyy more than i do little girls.
even if that sounds quite wrong =p

ok anyway,
身体健康, 岁岁平安, 步步高升 (literally too, for all my fellow short friends)

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