Thursday, February 15, 2007

i hear you, loud and clear

stethoscopes given out and tendon tappers distributed, a sign of what's to come. i don't like the way the burgundy is so cheesily shiny and fake looking. swedish meatballs and cranberry/wolfberry? sauce and a ride with george the dragon in rose's new-car-scent-ed car. then i went home and listened to juliet's heart beat and unsuccessfully tested her knee jerk reflex. haha. the rather last day of school today ended quietly, without much fuss or emotion.

the only thing i did was to give ferrero roche to hon, kenrick and liwei. will we regret not taking a photo for remembrance sake, i wonder. tomorrow i'm bringing a camera to school.

anyway, i need to buck up and stop watching tv/youtube things. wake up!! so this year will be different - i'd rather have no plans, and plenty of free time on my hands, than no time at all (nor parental consent) and all the plans in the world =p argh. nag me please!

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