Thursday, February 15, 2007

love affair

a not so fantastic remake of an affair to remember, and salvaged only by a heart melting rendition of "i will" by the beatles.

who knows how long i've loved you
you know i love you still
will i wait a lonely lifetime
if you want me to - i will.

for if i ever saw you
i didn't catch your name
but it never really mattered
i will always feel the same

love you forever and forever
love you with all my heart
love whenever we're together
love you when we're apart

and when at last i find you
your song will fill the air
sing it loud so i can hear you
make it easy to be near you
for the things you do endear you to me
you know i will
i will.

so i did get a ride to school, and i did get flowers from my spoil-market cgmates, a real one from siva, even an imaginery one over sms haha. and then it was a late night visit by rose and joel where we ingested calories like the world was going to end tomorrow. we meaning rose and i. it was a great day, especially the start and the end :)

p.s. i feel very strange posting a photo of myself. but the flower was nice and reminds of the one i love the most, and it's a happy photo so there :)

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