Tuesday, February 13, 2007

let's go watch little children

the official love gabriel day. happy 21st, gabriel gn! :)

little children has got to be the best movie this year - borat can just go and die/wrestle with azamat. it reminds me of closer in a way, but the storyline is too complicated to type out in my state of mind (i.e. sleepy) but what caught me was the acting, which reminds me of little miss sunshine in a way. kate winslet with her brutally honest performance, and the really heart-wrenching scenes between the paedophile, excellently played by this guy who used to be a child actor, and the paedophile's mother. plus, the whole show is actually really funny!!

valentine's day is almost here, roses and hearts and loveydovey couples who don't have CAs or pros =/ well mr cupid, just you wait. wait till i get enough guts/balls. maybe not exactly on vday, but the sooner the better huh.

haha see, i've blogged so many times this month :)

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