Sunday, March 25, 2007

i'm a sucker for cute guys with dogs

studying is a slow painful process where after much laborious cramming, information still falls out in chunks till there's a vacuum left. i'm a blackhole, baby. if this is physics-ally wrong, haha, too bad =p oh well, i don't feel like talking about micro beeee.

how do you know when to be a friend, and when to stop because it's just taking too much out of you. do you think we have a lower threshold of forgiveness for acquaintances, or new friends? how do you know when to stop being polite and start thinking of yourself. or have we never stopped. i suppose there's an unspoken rule for cooling off and time for recharging and i suppose there's always a limit to the amount of information we can stuff in our brains, and our hearts, before something finally gives. i'm saturated yet so empty. but will it ever be the same when we go back. even if things don't change, people do. haha don't laugh at the emo things okay. everybody hurts and everybody's human.

k nvm, talk about happifying things!! WARNING: BIMBOTICITY AHEAD! and if you think it's like vivocity, then erm i hope you're good looking enough to make a living off that. and i really can't be bothered if you're going to analyze why i don't really sound like my normal self.

a million apologies to everyone who has to endure the wu zun gushing; this must be the 4th entry in a row mentioning him. the swooning infatuation is not over yet - i had the most fantastic dream [in the style of those characters in old fashioned supermariobrothers game books where if you choose option 1, flip to page 20. if you choose option 2, flip to page 58 etc. no idea how or why i managed to complete all 3 scenarios.] of bumping into...

a) takuya kimura,

b) wu zun,

and c) both! :D

in hokkaido and befriending them (and more! hoho ;) cf previous blog entry) hoho, too bad i had to wake up. yes and i felt that they all deserve to be mentioned in separate lines. i don't press enter and leave a line just for anybody okayyy. this reminds me of the time i was crazy over hideaki takizawa and stuck his pictures on all my notebooks for motivation. but this time round, i have really bad delusions of getting to talk to them in english haha (esp wu zun, since my jap is cmi and takuya kimura is, relatively, far away) and being able to see them/him every day. HAI! help! so much for loss of you-know-what, hon. i can't wait for jo to come home and join in the craze =p

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