Friday, March 30, 2007

the last of wuzun, maybe.

if i had a dollar for everytime i daydreamed of him, i'd be a millionaire! and declared insane. haha excuse this (and future) rubbish. everyone is entitled to go a little/lot wonky, what with strange bacteria/antibiotic names swirling around in our great vortex (blackhole for me) of a brain. STRESS. STRESS STRESSSSS.

Friend: "emily tan, are you going to come out, or are you going to continue pouring sugar?"
same Friend on msn: "more hot girls, this way the link please"
later, when sending Friend a file on msn: "what's this, better be a hot girl"

oh, congratulations to kenrick tham! who loves being mentioned on blogs, and is now a proud owner of the slip of paper that says he can drive a car :)

and as for the person i kept gushing about, it's really quite silly now that i think about it. even if i do admire his guts for being in a boyband despite all the odds stacked against him, and even if there's something about his eyes that makes me catch my breath. [and here i typed something super duper mushy/cliche about eyes and souls, but i don't want anyone to laugh any more at me so that's it for now haha]

so like i told my Friend, it's not as if fate will be so good (to me) as to let us meet, talk for a substantial amount of time, ensure that he's not bored/scared of me, develop the right chemistry, hang out after that and form a viable relationship. every single part of that sentence seems impossibly fairy-tale-ish. conclusion? aim lower, emily tan! on second thought, that should be the case for every friendship/whatever-ship!! sheesh.

p.s. dear future boyfriend, if you even exist, please don't be offended. you are not my last resort just cos wuzun isn't going to come look for me. haha!! omg i'm talking so much rubbish. oh well, micro b and raging hormones really don't mix well. STRESS!! :(

the bunny looks too peaceful, boooo =(

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