Tuesday, March 20, 2007

no one calls me that :(

thanks to dear bean and rose. i'll gladly stop if you insist =p

imagine the glee when someone calls you something affectionate, then you realise he thinks you're someone else. haha, it's just an amusing incident to remember because the rest of the day was totally wasted on stupid taiwanese shows on youtube (yes, still!) and unproductive time in school.

life's quite interesting right, that people we don't know at all can influence us so drastically that we spend our most precious commodity on them, without affecting them one bit and with no real gain for ourselves. this is the epitome of stupidity! can you imagine the millions of hours discussing, daydreaming and drooling, that could be used for memorising more things (that i'll forget the next day) right. but the heady giggly excitement is a way better emotion than overwhelming dread and disappointment that tends to follow (actually before, after, and during too) the thing we call pros. taking the path of least resistance, i am. or, the path of most temptation :)

okay let's try thinking of something else.
pork cutlet, mmmmmmmm.
mouthwateringly yummy *salivates*
good looking guys. mmmmmmmm.
haha hopeless already! i sure hope this gushing thing is self-limiting!
argh okay emily tan. time to be serious - no youtube, no supps.

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