Saturday, March 17, 2007


this marks the 8th day of non-studying. i think. no thanks to ill-discipline, cheesy bubblegummy pop songs on repeat (thanks to ian, bean and kenrick), the abundance of youtube videos/tv shows and some inexplicable strange lust for girly faced guys. shit.

wanderlust is resurfacing too. shit.

2 quite-but-not-so-random photos.

a few random things
1. yay my cousins are back in singapore!
2. i miss my fighting fish and having to wash his tank on sundays and making him jump up to my finger and watching him swim around so peacefully then scare him by playing justin timberlake songs
3. yay jason got a yaris! welcome to the cutecarclub. hm.
4. neverwhere is a good book! :)
5. i reallyreallyreally want to marry that girly faced guy

dear concerned friend/s, please nag me about studying!! haiii.

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