Wednesday, March 14, 2007

music and lyrics

laughed till i got stitches and thoroughly enjoyed the movie with monsieur gn. our urge to buy the soundtrack faded when we looked at the price tag but hugh grant's pop! hip thrusts have created an impression that will forever remain haha :) and the theme song is still ringing in my ears. everything is just tugging on my heart strings these days.

because these are the happy days - effortless fun, great company every single day, the ease at which time passes. every show on the teevee makes me smile (so call me bimbotic, but i'm really hopelessly in like with 花样少年少女) and every song on itunes is just the perfect song to match mood, time and place. as long as i don't think about the pros, life is good :)

besides that, msn not working tonight and the extra time (or so i think) on my hands has got me thinking about situations. the lyrics are starting to make more and more sense.

all i wanna do is find a way back in to love
i can't make it through without a way into love
and if i open my heart again
i guess i'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end

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