Saturday, March 03, 2007

the pursuit of happyness

your eyes do not deceive, the title of this post is exactly the same as the last one. simply because i don't want to think. and i Did catch the movie today! aside from the good story, i have fallen head over heels for jaden smith. he's the epitome of adorable-ness. and as jo said, dig the hair!! :)

in other news, i very blatantly ran a red light* today, to the disbelief of the passengers in rou's car behind; they all thought i'd let joel or zhenjin drive. cute. hm other than that, don't go to swenson's for they stink, literally. the whole area was so horrible smelly and i was so hungry by the time the food came, that i was forced to wolf down my food just to mask the smell. and only when i'd finished half my meal did i realise that everything tasted like kerosene or something gross and fake and plasticky. URGH. but other than that, ice cream cake, more ice cream and haato cones are good and happyfying.

there are things which are unavoidable (like bad hair days and other more important things), things which are unmentionable, secrets that should Never Ever turn into gossip, things that are hard to digest (other than swenson's bad food today), and though what i just typed will piss people off because this is clearly an invitation for people to kaypoh and ask fucking irritating questions, i now include the disclaimer that there are things which are totally cryptic, especially if i feel like screwing with your mind. haha well isn't that annoying. sorry i'm grumpy just recalling how bad the lunch was.

anyway, pharmaco cofm and neuroscience are over for now. that's one good thing. on to longer fungi and parasite names. woe be me! :( and if you're bored or in need of a break, watch the pursuit of happyness.

*if you are going to arrest me or fine me or whatever because of the red light thing, erm, this post was entirely fictional and any resemblance to real life situations is just a coincidence. please don't take away my license.

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