Friday, March 09, 2007

the 1800

the 300, each with a healthy set of 6-pacs, or more! (hence the title) with vinko doughnuts in tow - "we won't eat it!" - was our choice of entertainment after the omgwtf microb CA. quite a decent show, though i enjoyed the first chocolate doughnut more [than the 1800] maybe cos harrybobbylee and i started freezing after that. didn't get to try the original glazed which is what i would eat to compare with krispy kreme's, but i doubt any brand in the world can be better than them anyway. haha i must say that i really seriously luuurrve krispy kremes so much, can my dear friend coming home bring some back pleeeeeease ;)

hm, can i push it to the hormones and late night(s) that get me cranky when i have to wait, or pay for parking, or when nothing exciting is happening/too many exciting things are happening/my mother has my passport and i can't do anything exciting. can i say it's my right to ask for space when there's been an overwhelming sense of encrouchment even though no one else might notice. and when i look stoned and distant, can i tell you that my fish died, finally. i mean finally not because i was wishing it to die, but because i thought it died at 5pm but at 6pm it was swimming about aimlessly, then it really died before midnight.

whee, 3 days to the yo la tengo concert! :)

little eyes are open but they don't see very far
you can only hurt the ones you love
not the ones you're thinking of
little eyes are open but they're sinking back again
don't you know you're sleeping much too long
wake up little eyes

it's up to you to interpret the lyrics, but i do have little eyes and the last 2 lines are going to be very relevant to me in a while. stop sleeping and study harder (later, or sooner!) emily tan!

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