Sunday, March 11, 2007

when in doubt make lists =p

yeah guys, even if your computer can't burn dvds/cds, never ever use your dad's computer as a backup. gone are ALL the gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, house, the L word. just, find another way. wish i didn't fucking have to learn it the hard way. and eating one entire box (that's half a kilogram) of cornflakes didn't exactly help. so now i've got a sore throat, a fat ass, and nothing.

anyway, because the best shows to keep around you are the ones that make you laugh no matter what mood or century you're in, apart from friends, the shows that crack me up that i want/need to get on dvd...

1. a bit of fry & laurie
2. coupling
3. ed
4. everybody loves raymond
5. frasier
6. mad about you
7. scrubs!
8. seinfeld
9. sex and the city
10. will & grace (thankyouzhenjin! argh i'm hopelessly addicted but the s6 disc is corrupted so that solves the problem of getting hooked right before serious studying starts)

anyone is free to buy me those as presents or tokens of love and appreciation hahaha. yeah, right. okay i'm going to start saving for them =p

Big Deletion of Shows aside, the weekend was quite good! especially u-Papa-ing at j8, the "very fun" experiences blading/trying to blade across the road and finally my new (kids sized, ie cheaper) ipanemas :)

this is BEFORE all the falling.

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