Sunday, April 22, 2007

the day before e-clinics

the yay-no-vivas-let's-go-celebrate mood is fading as monday draws near. since wednesday, the late but still-have-to-be-home-before-midnight nights are tiring - i feel old; 3 days of fun and i'm tired already? tsk. no stamina - but it's always good to meet up with friends old and new and enjoy good food, movies, gossip etc :) abivalent about my very strange vietnam plan, unsure if i should follow my cousins on their pilgrimage (yes, seriously, pilgrimage), but i'm 150% sure that i'd rather be anywhere but here sweating it out in this too small island.

a day of rest, sunday is. that's what i did today :)
picture from 小鬼's blog.

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