Friday, April 27, 2007


dear wonderful human being friend tanhonlyn, happy 21st! :)

too tired. but, i'm happy that my dear friend is happy and loved. yay for successfully surprising her! :) and i still get a bit high when people mention desserts and remind me of last night's chocolate and ginger and toffee and more chocolate things. the company was a million times better than the food and service :)

i feel that i should recap the whole week, for remembrance sake.

monday - lectures and introductory briefing. interesting (or boring, depending on your perspective) to see guys in their pants and shirts and ties, and girls not in shorts/jeans/t-shirts.

tuesday - mask fitting session was a waste of time, but waiting for venepuncture was even more of one. i thought the venepuncture lesson was actually pretty fun, but a dummy's arm and red water is no comparison to the real thing.

wednesday - communication skills aka "a positive stroke is a unit of lurrrrve" and "imagine you are the embassador of lurrrrve, sprinkling fairydust as you walk through the wards" haha actually it was pretty good especially when you find patients who are willing to talk to pests like us.

thursday - M&M at 7am - drama in the lt!! then surgery posting at 930am which consisted of us standing behind the doctor and watching as he talked to patients in the clinic. i think we were all shagged after a while and it showed so badly that a patient even asked us if we were being punished. haha!!
then at 11am the following conversation ensued....
d: "okay, i think you all can go off to gallivant"
us: "don't we need permission to explore the hospital"
d: "no, i mean like, watch a movie and go shopping" haha!!

friday - medicine posting. was productive! we initially wanted to clerk random patients but it was more like us blindly stumbling through the wards terrorising everyone. later brenda, sherlyn, su and i met up with wenhui [thank you] who kindly showed us around. met our tutor after lunch and then went to clerk more patients. this time it was nerve wrecking cos i'd read the textbook and if i still can't come up with a proper history, it'll just mean that i'm Really incompetent :(

excuse me where can i buy pants? is something i won't be forgetting so soon. i think it was the only question to which i was happy about answering "i dunno". yay for cute guys and funny questions! omg, that and getting to use my stethoscope to listen to something other than my own heart, made my day :)

ah tgif, to sit down, sleep and eat normally, and not walk around like lost, perpetually feeling stupid, space-occupying-lesion-like sheep. there are many things i'd like to say but my brain and my feet and my eyes and everything is tired. takuya kimura is on at 1130 tonight and i must keep awake for him.

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