Friday, April 06, 2007

not so good friday

bah, the lack of originality with regards to today's title astounds even me.

breakingout, freakingout, fallingout. but no making out.
tired of the ugliness, tired of feeling stupid, tired of being caught in every single mess, and tired of hair literally falling out. i'll be bald by monday.

hm, maybe i should mention that come next week, i will miss studying in the library with kenrick and co. everyday is like chinese new year with people walking to talk to us when we're tired of studying and not to mention the unmentionable amounts of food continuously consumed - bak kwa, wangwang, chocolates, almond biscuits, japanese snacks, GIANT POCKY, free buffet lunches, and thanks to welfare/quanyao, free medsoc dinners.

still ohmyGAD-ing. i only have 40 hours to settle down after micro b, read, understand, memorise and be able to regurgitate everything about neuroscience before the exam. that's assuming i don't sleep. and assuming there are no traffic jams to and from school. ARGH.

but, i'm still very happy that yunlei is going to be here! in singapore! soon! in a few hours! with krispy kreme! omg best friends and good food. maybe it's going to be a good friday after all.

ps. i know i'm missing out the whole point of good friday, but aiya, whatever.
pps. it's 9am on a saturday and gone are the krispy kremes :(

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