Sunday, May 06, 2007

seemingly random grumbling.

i dislike the way people judge and even impose their ideas on others.

my family, conservative as ever, has taught me that you should just shut up when you have nothing good to say. and we get mightily irritated with anyone who tries too hard to sell something, literally or not, at the expense of encroaching on our sense of personal boundaries and social mores. to achieve that, personally i think it takes a mix of self-confidence, a fair bit of knowledge (but a little knowledge is the most deadly) and a complete disregard for others. and you know what, it leaves me feeling kind of embarrassed for them. urgh.

woe be the soft spoken; it's true that empty vessels make the most noise.

[think what you want, but no offence intended]

perhaps i'm just grumpy cos of the lack of parental support for anything exciting in the 3 week break coming up - my mother wants me to study for m3. RIGHT - it seems like it's never going to be here, and anyway, i have nothing to look forward to. SIAN.

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